While visiting with my daughter during the holidays we discussed the commercialism so prevalent in society today anme and Kaymie picd the need for a more Christ centered focus at Christmastime.  The idea of an interactive nativity set that would be a tool to help families keep Christ in Christmas became the topic of our conversation.  We started doing research to see what might be available for purchase.  We could find nothing that matched what we had in mind, so we decided to take on the task of designing one that we could use ourselves and give as gifts the following year.  The excitement of this project spread and people expressed an interest in having a Good Deeds Manger Nativity Set in their own home.  We learned that many other mothers, daughters, and grandmothers were also looking for a way to keep Christ in Christmas.  It is with humble hearts that we make The Good Deeds Manger Nativity Set available for you to use through the advent each year to teach love, sacrifice, service, and other Christ-like values in your home.

Best wishes for a memorable holiday season and blessings of peace and happiness all year long!  Darcey and Kaymie.